Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006 - Denver!

so Tiffany & I decided that if we were to have anything to EAT then we had better head to the grocery store before the snow got any deeper.....

This is what her patio looked like this morning around 11:00.

After a trip to Safeway....then to Costco.....we were headed back to the house (probably around 1:00 or so) and had to take a detour because one of the main roads to her house was CLOSED!
Visibility: nil.
we arrived home around 3:00-ish.

When we drove in the driveway (which was an experience in itself!)...we opened the door of the truck and almost sank to our waist!....well, okay....thigh.
Here I am playing in the deepest snow I've ever seen.

And now for tonight's photo of the same shot from this morning on the patio.
Remember the little yellow truck toy???
CHALLENGE: can you find it in this picture?

Burrrrr.........send mittens!


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