Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh My Goodness! My Word!

If you are viewing this for the first time, you need to scroll down to see yesterday's posts
in order to compare the snow! WOW!!!
Sooooooooo fun!

The view from my window this morning.....yesterday the trees had NO snow on them!


If you look closely you can see the "mountain" of snow on the roof of the house behind us.

Remember the yellow truck toy on the patio yesterday...hmmmm.....where did it go?

A camera just does not tell the whole story.....this is the front porch.
There is a step down.....and beyond that you see a "grey streak"......well,
that's a hugh mountain snow drift!
And then you cannot even see any of the street.


Blogger Kim said...

Hey Snow Bunny!!!

I remember blizzard days. I can't say that I miss them because I don't!! :-)

They said on the news that the airport has reopened. Hopefully, Chandler will make it in time for Christmas.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Love ya,

3:22 PM  

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