Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

In deciding to give my Kitchen the day off (and granting the turkey 'immunity'), we were joined by family and friends at the Villa Christina restaurant in Atlanta for a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner together. They served everything from the traditional turkey & stuffing to shrimp, salmon, mussles (I don't even know how to spell that!), and prime rib! Yum! Roll call: Leon, Ruby, Chandler, Ann, Nathan, Courtney, and Clay (Courtney's Grandfather).
{click on photos to enlarge}

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Courtney & her Grandfather, Clay

Mom & Dad
the Big Cheese...and the First Lady
Nathan & Courtney

Out in the gardens at the Villa Christina Restaurant...
Mom & Dad

This is a great photo of our family...but unfortunately Courtney's
grandfather, Clay, is hidden behind Ann!


Blogger Donna-Jean said...

Lovely picture! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your parents look great! Happy Thanksgiving!
P.S. It's M-U-S-S-E-L-S


8:25 AM  

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