Friday, December 29, 2006


Okay....below you can see the difference from the
left-over snow from last pictured here:
(remember the burried yellow truck that Nathan
uncovered and moved?).....

...and today's new snow:

the official name is now:

"The Blizzard of 2006 II"

It's an interesting snow...much different from last week's snow.
The wind is not near as fierce and therefore
the snow has stuck to the trees (unlike last week)
and they are absolutely beautiful!
Just see for yourself---you will have to scroll because
these are the "Blizzzard II" photos....and below them
are the pics from everyone playing in the
left-over snow of last week!

Above: last evening after about 6" of snow all afternoon
(when we missed our flight home!)....
Below: today Chandler trying his hand at shoveling!

Many of you know how Chandler's feet are always too hot
and hurting....well, he found a cure!

These are the pics from last week's snow:'s warm enough for short sleeves!

Nathan, the snow bunny.

Nathan---the poker bunny.

....oh, and I forgot to include
some photos of Presley....
here goes:

When asked, "What's your name?", Presley always answers,
"I'm a Howboy"
(COWboy....everything starts with an "H")


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