Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Toppled Nest

As friends leave and move to Nashville....and other friends are saying a heartfelt 'farewell' to a passing parent in Texas....our hearts often break at the "toppling of the nest".....

Springs in the Valley – May 12

“As an eagle stirreth up her nest” – Deut. 32:11

God, like the eagle, stirs our nest. Yesterday it was the place for us; today there is a new plan. He wrecks the nest, although He knows it is dear to us; perhaps, because it IS dear to us. He loves us too well not to spoil our meager contentment. Let not our minds, therefore, dwell on second causes. It is His doing! Do not let us blame the thorn that pierces us.

Though the destruction of the nest may seem wanton, and almost certainly come at an hour when I do not expect it though the things happen that I least anticipate---let me guard my heart and be not forgetful of God’s care, lest I miss the meaning of the wreckage of my hopes. He has something better for me.

God will not spoil our nest, and leave us without a nest, if a nest is best for us. His seeming cruelty is love; therefore, let us always sit light with the things of time.

The eaglet says, “Teach me to fly!” The saints sit idly wishing that they were like to their Lord. Neither is likely to recognize that the prayer is heard when the nest is toppled over!

The breaking up of a nest an act of God’s benevolence? What a startling thought!

Yet, here is an old writer who makes it a subject of praise; blesses God for it; declares it to be the first step of my education! I can understand praising him for His gifts to body and soul; but I lose my breath in surprise when I am asked to make the first stanza of my hymn the adoration of His mercy in loosing the ties of Home!

Nay, my soul, it is to strengthen these ties that my Father breaks up the nest; not to get rid of home, but to teach thee to fly! Travel with they Teacher and thou shalt learn that “The Home is wider than any nest!”

He would have thee learn of the many mansions of which the nest is only one. He would tell thee of a brotherhood in Christ, which includes, yet transcends, thy household fires. He would tell thee of the family altar, which makes thee brother to the outcast, sister to the friendless---in kinship to all.

Thy Father hath given thee wings in the breaking of thy ties!

The storm that shook thy nest taught thee to fly!