Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"I Can't Find a Thing To Wear!"

Over the past several weeks after the devastation from hurricane Katrina, I have been asked “how can we help the victims and what do they REALLY need that’s not on your list?” Many, many of you have donated money and supplies through your various churches and schools….and others have brought supplies for us to take directly to the community at Lake Shore Baptist Church. When I went with a team to the area last week I took a couple of very ‘unusual’ items not knowing if they would be needed at all, and when I gave them to the person in charge the response was, “YES! We know someone right now who is needing this very thing!” (I took insulin needles---and a diabetic there was in great need of them!) So, my answer is: bring what the Lord directs you to bring. If something is on your mind...and not on the list....bring it anyway. All you have to do is think about what you do in the morning to get ready for the day.....from the type of clothing you wear to suit the weather outside (because they live outside EVERYDAY) the "tools" you use to do your daily chores. They need it all!

Here's the latest update of needs:
"Because of enclosures now on the church site, we are able to take clothing items, which are greatly needed. Critical items include coats, shoes, new underwear, blankets and linens. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, mops, brooms, etc. are also in short supply."

What will you wear today since the weather has turned cold? Will sandals do?.....a short-sleeved shirt? Or do I need longjohns and a sweatshirt? Keep in mind that before the storm hit, the people left their homes in the midst of 95+ degree weather....with only one or two changes of clothing. And don't forget that they probably didn't pack a blanket......or a broom!

Contact me if you have things to donate and we will make arrangements to connect to get the items for the next trip down. THANKS!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rest ---whatz that??

It has been almost a week since we made our way to the Hurricane Zone at Lake Shore, Mississippi and yet we are still in "recovery mode." Pictured here, Chandler is standing in front of a lot that he spent a whole day attacking with a chain saw! Believe it or not, he made alot of progress! Next, you see him trying to cool-off by taking refuge in one of the Quonset Huts! We almost had to hog-tie the guys to get them to take even a few minute's break.

In the sermon today (back home in Georgia), Dave preached on the much needed subject of "Rest". I always find it interesting when he is preaching through a book and each week the subject seems to fit right in with what is going on in the world...or in my life!

The sermon brought to mind a page out of an old devotional book....let me share it with you:

"What is rest? -To step out of self-life into Christ-life; to lie still, and let Him lift you out of it; to fold your hands close, and hide your face on the hem of His garment; to let him lay His cooling, soothing, healing hands upon your soul, and draw all the hurry and fever from its veins; to realize that you are not a mighty messenger, an important worker of His, full of care and responsibility, but only a little child, with a Father's gently bidding to heed and fulfill; to lay your busy plans and ambitions confidently in His hands, as a child brings its broken toys at its mother's call; to serve Him by waiting; to praise Him by saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy;" to cease to hurry, so you may not lose sight of His face; to learn to follow Him, and not to run ahead of orders! to cease to live in self and for self, and to live in Him and for Him; to love His honor more than your own; to be a clear medium for His life-tide to shine and glow through. This is consecration, this is rest!"

It's UnAmerican. Not defined. Not taught. Highly criticized. Rarely----except on this occasion---preached in our churches.

So, Lord, teach me that I am Your little child. You worked six days creating all that there is....and waited until the last day of creation to make man....and what was his first assignment?? The Sabboth Day of Rest!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Our God is an Awesome God. . ."

It will take more than a few words....with pictures tell about our mission trip to the Hurricane Zone of "Katrina." What God is doing there will be celebrated by the saints in Eternity...and the stories will spread throughout His Kingdom!

I'll the beginning! Well, you would have to go to and look through the archives to get a real picture of "the beginning" of what God is doing at LakeShore Baptist Church in Mississippi (just 45 minutes east of New Orleans...or "N'ah-linz" as they say!) since Katrina came visiting. But this was the site at our arrival....and you will see that our team jumped right in helping those in need....

Our team split up and went in many different directions: First, two Quonset Huts were to be used for church services and the other as a "store" for those in need to come take freely. The young ladies in our group spent each day sorting and sizing clothes and moving and organizing baby items and food. Some of our men used chain saws & bobcats to clear land, others repaired neighbor's houses, a couple of ladies visited church members ministering to their needs, and still others (myself included) were driven to New Orleans to help the pastor's wife, Courtney....all working as various functions of the Body of Christ doing the basic mundane things of life....blessing and being blessed.

We also met wonderful people: James & Mrs. Bea, who are the "managers" distributing supplies at the church site. John, whose lifestyle is the very basics, spends his days writing letters to prisoners all over the nation. Kate & Henry lost their home on the beach....but she's a nurse using her knowledge to help those with medical problems....and he's an electrician who hooked-up the air conditioner in the Quonset Huts.

Then there were others whom God brought into the area from far away places.....a lady from California who came with a group to help another church but heard about what is going on at Lake Shore and had to come see for herself! Shaunna & Hank who were driving to Florida from Missouri and decided that they could bring some supplies by "on their way"....(they unloaded a horse trailer packed with donations from churches in their area.) I can't leave out the young men from Montana working for the Forestry Department who brought truckloads of food and supplies and even joined us for worship on Sunday. Our pastor is correct in saying that Lake Shore Bapt. is "the only show in town" there. I think FEMA has even decided that the church grounds will now be THE distribution site for water!

God is pouring out His blessing...."Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return." Luke 6:38.

The stories will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life....and the scripture that comes to mind is from Psalms 29:10 - "The Lord sat as King at the flood; Yes, the Lord sits as King forever."

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Abominable Snowman

All my boys in the snow!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mississippi Mission Trip Next Weekend

Okay....I just returned from St. Simon's Island where I spent several days with friends relaxing IN THE RAIN!!! "Tammy" visited us with over 10 inches of rain in 48 hours! (so we weren't exactly lounging on the beach!---although the rain didn't stop us from having a good time!)
And now it's time to hit the ground we leave this next weekend for the Hurricane Zone to minister to folks who are probably sick of "being at the beach"! Nathan went with a group of men from our church last week. They took a truckload of supplies and spent several days attacking the woods with chain saws.....and came back reporting that the people are still in as desperate need as they were 6 weeks ago. The devastation is soooooo big, it's overwhelming! We have been able to distribute Bibles & hymnals (compliments of Hodge's Ministries in Alabama---Thank You!).....and everything from dental floss and baby wipes to shoe laces and work gloves! Even at that, when the guys returned they said we need to start all over and take more of the same supplies once again (in fact, the supply list is TWO pages long this week). FEMA's red tape is about 60 pages long (a request form)....and they have hundreds of campers sitting in fields ready to distribute....BUT, you can't get one until you have electricity and water. Well, (no pun intended), the WELLS have to have pumps....and the motors on the pumps were ruined by the salt water in the storm we're even in need of pump motors (anyone have a pump motor sitting around the house??). Another great need is PORTA-POTTIES!!!! So far, the only thing available is a tree in the field somewhere! HELP!!!
So, ONCE AGAIN......I am going to ask my friends (and their friends and their friends) to please, please consider helping out by selecting a few items from the list below and getting it to me this week. Remember, we need GASOLINE for the vehicles we are driving down (trucks, etc) even a $10 gas card would be helpful. (and if you aren't using that Porta-Potty in your back yard, send it too!!) If you know anyone who wants to lend a truck, chainsaw or other equipment---that is needed too. We also need FOOD....we will be feeding about 60 people and we need everything from paper goods to meat, bread, baked beans, cookies, breakfast & snack items, etc. Anyone have a card table you would loan us?...a grill???
And if that doesn't stir your heart.....the children will be starting school next week and they have NO school supplies. They can use anything from paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, glue, construction paper, know the drill!
I ask for your prayers as our team goes down for four days....and I will gladly report back to you when we return! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!